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  • Fly (plural: flies), any species of insect of the order Diptera.
  • Fly River, the longest river of the island of New Guinea.
  • Fly lure, a lure used in angling, made of materials such as feathers or cotton thread, tied to look like a real fly.
  • Fly, a zipped, velcroed or buttoned opening in trousers; it is used separately, or in conjunction with detaching the button etc. above it, at the waist. It allows dressing and undressing, as well as urinating without undressing. Trousers wide enough to put on and taking them off without having a fly or opening at the side, are either elastic or kept in place with a belt or suspenders. Also some underpants have a fly. These usually do not allow detachment at the waist; elasticity allows putting them on and taking them off. Usually the fly of underpants avoids exposure of the skin just by an overlap of cloth, without buttons, etc. Such a property may be one of the criteria for boxer shorts not to be suitable as outer clothing. See also: Your fly is open
  • Fly, a type of horse-drawn carriage.
  • Fly tower, the tower over the stage in a theatre; flies can refer to this or to a storage area to the side of the stage.
  • Fly ball, a ball that is hit into the air in baseball.
  • Fly, in flag terminology the end of the flag furthest from the flag pole, or alternately the horizontal length of the flag.
  • Fly (roller coaster), a model of roller coaster.
  • Fly (pentop computer), a type of computer built into a pen.
  • The Fly (1958), a horror movie directed by Kurt Neumann.
  • The Fly (1986), a remake of the previous movie directed by David Cronenberg.
  • To fly, a verb meaning to travel through the air in the act of flight, or to travel on or pilot an aircraft.
  • Fly, a slang term, meaning "cool" or "hip".
  • Fly (tent), the inner lining of a tent which can be used as a stand-alone shelter.
  • Fly (Yoko Ono album), an album released in 1971.
  • Fly (Blind Guardian), a 2006 Blind Guardian single.
  • Fly (song), a 1997 single by Sugar Ray.


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